Guernsey Women’s Cricket Team Celebration
1st September 2023

Progress for the Guernsey Women in Austria

The Gower sponsored Guernsey Women’s cricket team have recently returned from a successful overseas tour to Austria.  The hills were alive with the sound of leather on willow as the Guernsey team set out to win the series and earn valuable ranking points from the International Cricket Council (ICC). 

Guernsey are yet to be awarded an official ICC ranking, but the games played on this tour, and recent one day international games against Jersey should qualify them for their first official ranking.  Guernsey head coach, Ben Ferbrache said ‘On the pitch, the women certainly performed on that front – an excellent performance all-round to win 3-1’ before adding that individually everyone chipped in across the weekend.  ‘It gets us some ranking points.  We’re hopeful that our 2019 fixture against Jersey gets us some more ranking points and we could be as high as mid 40s in the world, which is an incredible achievement from where we started the year’. 

The aim going forward is to play more and more ICC fixtures, so they can establish and improve their ranking and continue to bond as a team on future tours.  Paul McCormick of the team sponsor Gower said ‘We’re pleased that the trip away to Austria was so successful, and we congratulate them on their victory.  We look forward to seeing what they can achieve in 2024.

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