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Corporate Medical Insurance

Investing in your employees' health can be a valuable investment for your organisation.

We understand your employees are a valuable asset, so it pays to take care of the people who can affect your business in such a direct way. By taking care of them, you are helping take care of your business.

Employer focus is changing to make sure that employees are healthy, resulting in reduced sickness absence.

Companies purchasing private health cover are aiming to avoid lengthy absences and high business costs caused by staff sickness. Research shows us that an average of 7.7 days per employee are lost each year in sickness absence – a staggering 3.1% of all work hours.*

Although private health cover can’t eradicate sickness absence, it could reduce it and help get employees back to work more quickly.

The market offers private health cover for companies of all sizes, from 2 employees upwards, and remember, the smaller the company potentially the greater the impact of sickness absence.

* 2010 CIPD Absence Management Survey

Summary of benefits

  • Prompt treatment so members can be returned to health as quickly as possible
  • A high value employee benefit to aid recruitment and staff retention
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Reassurance of knowing that treatment is available promptly
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