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Investment Management

Gower Investment Management Services offers a range of actively managed portfolios with particular emphasis on risk management. They are specifically designed to match the suitability reports that our financial advisers produce for clients following a detailed analysis of their requirements and aspirations. With some 40 years experience in the finance industry, Gower provides specialist investment services to local individuals, pension schemes and Trusts.

We invest solely into external funds via a number of investment platforms which also provide safe custody for our clients’ assets. This enables us to independently select specialists from a range of thousands of funds without conflicts of interest. We provide regular reports to our investors and the portfolio managers are available on the Island for meetings and updates on request. Gower’s wide selection of risk-adjusted portfolios are available here.

Investment clients are regarded as ‘Retail’ investors under the requirements of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. The Licensees (Conduct of Business) Rules 2016 (“the COB Rules”). Categorisation as a ‘Retail’ client provides the highest degree of protection under the COB Rules.

Our Investment Team

Toby Birch

Toby Birch

Chartered FCSI
Senior Investment Manager
Simone Renouf

Simone Renouf


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