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Fortunately we are all living longer meaning the importance of saving for your retirement is becoming greater. 

Roughly one third of UK adults are not saving at all for their retirement. Of those who are saving into a pension, many aren’t saving nearly enough to give them the standard of living they hope for when they retire.* For many, state benefits will not be sufficient to continue the lifestyle you have created for yourself. 

At Gower Financial Services we offer a range of solutions to meet your pension needs, whether you are looking for entry level via a multi‑member scheme or a bespoke tailored retirement plan. 

  We can help you with your retirement planning journey whatever your age and aspirations so come and talk to our professionally qualified pension advisers about the range of pension solutions available.


*Money Advice Service
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Our Financial Advisory Team

Richard Baxter, Gower Financial Services

Richard Baxter

Senior Financial Adviser
Tim Cross, Gower Financial Services

Tim Cross

Director, Senior Financial Adviser
Adam Sullivan, Gower Financial Services

Adam Sullivan

Financial Adviser
Paul McCormick, Gower Financial Services

Paul McCormick

Financial Adviser