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Paul McCormick Paul McCormick 4th August 2021

Gower presents to young members of GIFA about managing their money

Financial planning experts from Gower have been invited by The Guernsey Investment & Funds Association (GIFA) to talk to their younger members about managing their money on a day-to-day basis and how to get into some good financial habits at a young age. 

 This is part of a regular series of events organised by the GIFA ‘Academy’, which was established to provide a source of information and education to younger individuals working within the fund sector in Guernsey. 

 Paul McCormick, Susie Brown & Jean-Pierre Payne of Gower gave the talk as part of the firm’s ‘Education Programme’ aimed at students from age 16, through to young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. 

 It outlined 5 good financial habits to start in your 20’s (or as soon as you can if you’re no longer in your 20’s!) and covered managing debt, making a financial plan and how to allocate disposable income, creating a framework to start now and have for life.    To liven things up, as part of the presentation the audience took part in a Kahoot quiz that tested their understanding of some everyday financial products and services.

 Paul McCormick of Gower said “it was a pleasure to present to a cohort of fully engaged young people, who were genuinely interested in how they could improve the management of their money.  We hope that they picked up some good financial habits to have for life”

 Jason Liddy of GIFA was pleased to offer this opportunity to their younger members “The GIFA Academy is committed to offering support to all members - not just those in senior management and Director positions - and I’m pleased that this group of young people have taken the opportunity to learn about how to manage their money in an effective way”.



GIFA’s Jason Liddy & Mike de Haaff with Gower’s Susie Brown & Paul McCormick.

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