Guernsey Institute Good Financial Habits
29th April 2022

The Guernsey Institute students are given a valuable lesson on how to plan for their financial future

Following on from their recent visit to The Sixth Form Centre, last week the Gower team continued with their 'Good Financial Habits' presentations by visiting The Guernsey Institute.

The talk outlined five good financial habits such as managing debt, making a financial plan and how to allocate disposable income, creating a framework to start now and have for life. To liven things up, as part of the presentation the audience took part in a Kahoot quiz that tested their understanding of some everyday financial products and services.

Jeff Stuart, the Director of Student Support at The Guernsey Institute said 'We greatly appreciate the support from Gower in enabling our student body to understand and plan for their financial future. Talks such as these form part of the Personal Development Programme curriculum that is so important in preparing students for employability and adult life. The real world learning encourages students to look beyond their qualification and develop a clearer picture of how their next steps can be taken.'

Gower's Paul McCormick addded 'when it comes to managing money, it is so important to have a plan – and it’s never too early to start one. Although these students are still in full time education, if they can create good habits now, there is a real chance they will continue them into their adult life, which will undoubtedly benefit them financially over the long term'.

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