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Business Protection Overview

The Gower Group are proud to offer an extensive range of Business Protection employee benefit strategies to our local corporates. This brochure presents a summary of the various employee benefit policies currently available through the Employee Benefits Division of Gower Financial Services Limited.

Why outsource Employee Benefits?

Employee Benefits are various non‑wage benefits provided to employees in addition to their normal salaries. The increased complexity and high degree of regulation is a major reason for companies outsourcing their benefit package administration. 

Research has shown that businesses insure their premises, company mobile phones, business travel, laptops and company cars, but often forget to insure their people!

Our Role

Our highly skilled team of Employee Benefit specialists will assist your business in providing the right level of ‘benefits’ to your workforce ensuring your business maintains a competitive edge.

Your Role

Have you put off introducing employee benefits because you’re concerned about the work involved? We make it easy. Simply tell us what you would like to offer and we take care of the rest!

Regardless of your organisation’s size, employee benefits go beyond the individual. Family benefits are important to potential employees when choosing where they will work.

An attractive employee benefits package enhances your profile as an employer of choice, helping you recruit and retain the very best staff.

Areas to consider:

  1. Key Person
  2. Shareholder Protection
  3. Income Protection
  4. Death In Service
  5. Critical Illness
  6. Private Medical Cover
  7. Pension Planning

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