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Group Income Protection – GIP or PHI
(Protecting the things that matter)

Unfortunately sometimes people can be off work for long periods of time. When an employee is away from work on long‑term absence through illness or injury, their absence can have far‑reaching consequences. *11% of people have been unable to work due to illness for over 6 months.

In today’s economic climate, ensuring your business has adequate protection is paramount. We understand the need for your business to run smoothly and efficiently at all times, without you having to bear significant costs due to absent employees, such as doubling up on costs to pay an absent employee and their temporary replacement. Fortunately, Group Income Protection can help overcome both of these problems.

Group Income Protection offers employers peace of mind their business is protected from spiraling costs, whilst allowing their employees to focus on getting well without having to worry about their finances.

*(The Guardian/Unum Survey 2011)


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